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 Getting Started - HIB Mobile Banking
Mobilize your finances with Mobile Banking from Highlands Independent Bank!
Highlands Independent Bank is proud to offer Mobile Banking. Mobile Banking is the fast, secure and simple way to stay on top of your finances using your mobile phone. Checking your balance, transferring funds, viewing recent transactions and even paying bills is more convenient than ever.
Getting started is a snap!

Get Highlands Independent Bank mobile banking for your iPhone directly from the iTunes store. Click on the App Store button and download the iPhone app and enroll for text message banking all directly from your iPhone.

Get Highlands Independent Bank mobile banking for your Android phone directly from the Android Market. Click on the Android Market button or scan the QR code and download the Android app and enroll for text message banking all directly from your Android phone.

Want to get Highlands Independent Bank mobile banking on another type of phone? Or, just want text message banking? We have a solution for you. Click Register Online to register your phone from the web and follow the instructions to get a solution that will work for you.

Available on Apple App Store
Available on Android Market Android QR Code
Register Online for Mobile Banking with Highlands Independent Bank
Downloadable Application
The downloadable application offers the highest level of functionality by installing an application directly on your mobile phone. Many phones-including iPhone, Blackberry, Android and other smartphones-support this application.
Mobile Browser Solution
Web-enabled phones without a specific downloadable application can take advantage of mobile banking by utilizing the phone's internet browser
Text Message (SMS)
If you have a mobile device that doesn't support either of the above options you can still take advantage of Mobile Banking. After registering, just text one of the SMS commands below to 42265 and you will get a response within seconds!

SMS Commands Send all messages to short code 42265

Bal - Balance

Mini - Get the last 5 transactions from the account

Pay - Make a payment to your payee

Stop - Unenroll

Help - To get help

Also, don't forget to check back and discover new SMS Commands as they are introduced.
It's secure!

No matter which of our mobile features you use, you can rest assured that your data is secure. Our mobile banking application uses world class 256-bit data encryption. Authentication is Bank Grade, using something you have (a registered cell phone) and something you know (a passcode). Identification and verification are built into the registration process. If you lose your mobile phone, please contact your carrier immediately and have the phone deactivated. No banking data is ever stored on your phone.

To report a lost or stolen ATM or Debit Card please call 1-800-236-2442, available 24/7.
To report a lost or stolen Health Savings Account Debit Card Please call 1-888-886-6023, available 24/7.
To report a lost or stolen Credit Card please call 1-800-558-3424, available 24/7.
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